Going dutch!

I am off to the Netherlands in about 2 weeks from now. I got the news late last evening and have been kind of excited and kind of not-so excited since then.

I am not-so excited because I have already been to NL last year with my husband and the thought of going abroad on a trip without him and all by myself is turning out to be a little unappealing to me. I am hoping this feeling will fix itself in a couple of days and I can actually enjoy the trip as much the one I went on last year.

I am excited because I love travelling and even a drive to the local coffee shop can double up as a travel experience and get me super thrilled on a day when I have been sitting at home since the morning. My husband knows exactly how much this means to me. A change of scenery does me a lot of good. Generally.

I am excited about going to the Keukenhof gardens with the endlessly stunning fields of tulips. We went there last year as well but reached about a week after all the tulips were gone.

I am excited about going to the Red Light district again! Not cos I enjoyed looking at hookers or smoking pot, or enjoyed looking at hookers smoking pot but because the general atmosphere of the district was one of such absolute fun and joy that we ended up going there every single evening during our time in Amsterdam.

I am also excited about getting to visit Groningen and Rijswijk. This is where the company offices are located and we would be required to spend a week in each of the locations.

The greatest amount of excitement though is reserved for a possible trip to Giethoorn village this time. We had it on our itinerary last year as well but had to drop it at the last moment in favor of a trip to Zaanse Schans which is where all the beautiful windmills are! I am really looking forward to visiting Giethoorn this time and really hope I won’t be disappointed. I have seen several pictures and videos of the place and it looks like a village straight out of a fairy tale. Have a look at the pictures below to find out what the fuss in my head is all about.



Looking forward to all the tripping!! 🙂


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