Epiphany much?

I have been in a weird mode all day today. Super, super thrilled for no reason at all. I have been reading Robin Sharma’s books for quite a while now but all the enthusiasm that they are filling me with today is something quite rare. The moment I moved out of office today and got back on my way home, I played an audiobook on YouTube and was immediately lost in that inspiring man’s voice. I know his critics would probably be of the opinion that he says what he says and writes what he does to make money. But how is that any of my concern? I am prone to indulging in a great deal of self-reflection and the reason I love this guy is because a lot of what he says sounds like the kind of stuff that my mind says when it is talking to me. It is the stuff I observe all the time around me – it is the knowledge I know I have within me.  He speaks of attaining the ultra heightened degree of self awareness, an almost painful amount,  that I know I am already blessed with. What is missing from my life though is the execution bit. And that’s a huge part of why I have decided to write this blog on a daily basis.

So I have been thrilled all evening, but it is all in my head. It isn’t like I am jumping on the sofa or swinging from the trees around where I live. On the contrary, I have been way more silent than usual, have barely spoken three straight sentences to the husband since he got back from work and have been lost in reading and now writing this post. But I am strangely at peace with myself today. And so, I intend to do nothing to disturb it.

It just feels good. It just feels absolutely right. Like all the pieces will somehow magically fall into place if I keep feeling the way I am feeling right now.

I am just going to write everything down from now on. That’s the big plan! 🙂

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