Starting out- the countdown from 90 to 65 kgs!

Two bright beautiful glasses of mango shake is what I started my day with today. I know, I know- this wasn’t part of the plan. But to offset the calories gained from those glasses, I monitored my eating super carefully through the rest of the day.

Mango shake

Here’s the plan for the next few weeks!

Completely off sugar from tomorrow until the 6th of July. I am using that date as a break as we plan to be at our friend’s place and drinking and eating well will be high on the agenda 😉

Completely off bread, flour, rice or any other bad carbs till 6th. I am embracing a Mediterranean style of eating which will comprise of salads, fruits, the occasional gluten free bread or pasta and some fish or chicken ( depending on how I feel about it ). I am not high on the meat intake anyway so I don’t think I will miss eating any of this stuff.

I will be posting a picture of my weight once a week on Tuesday mornings. And my step count on Fitbit everyday.

Keep watching this space for more! 🙂

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