So my weight loss attempt ain’t about to be pain-free.. people!!

Okay, so I decide to start my weight loss diet and walk plan and the very next day I get diagnosed with a herniated ( slipped ) disc injury in my back and the doctor advises 2 weeks of strict bed rest. Cute, isn’t it?

I had been having pain all along my right leg every time I turned in bed or got up from a lying down position, since the last two months. But me being me, I had been ignoring it- casually attributing it to a case of pulled muscle injury. I hoped it would get better over time but it just got worse in the last week or so. Accompanied also by severe back pain over the last weekend ( just when I was making those cute little plans of embarking upon my weight loss journey ). So I visited a doctor, he ordered an MRI and lo and behold- out came the dreaded diagnosis of a slipped disc injury. One look at the MRI and the doctor said ‘ This is very, very bad’. For the uninitiated,  a herniated disc refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (discs) between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack up to make your spine. Sometimes called a slipped disc or a ruptured disc, a herniated disk occurs when some of the softer “jelly” pushes out through a tear in the tougher exterior.  He has prescribed strict bed rest, physiotherapy and has put me on a course of muscle relaxants and pain meds. And has warned me that if I do not take adequate rest, I will end up on his operating table sooner than I can imagine.

Pic 2

However, this is not my first diagnosis of a herniated disc. It is the second time that I have been formally diagnosed with this and probably the third or fourth time that it has actually happened. I have had severe back pain episodes after my first diagnosis, which was about 3.5 years back and I never went in for an MRI any of those other times when I suffered from debilitating back pain. But I am pretty sure that I had some slippy discs in my back all those other times as well when I just took rest at home and didn’t bother to go and see a doctor.

A recourse to surgery is something I totally want to avoid. And if I keep up with my noncore-strengthening exercises routine, I am bound to land up on an operating table under a surgeon’s disc removing scalpel sooner rather than later. Even though the doctors say that it is only a minor surgery ( Microdissectomy the darned thing is called ), the risks of spine surgery are far too frightening for me to ever be okay with going in for one.

So the update here is that I will still hold steadfast onto my decision of trying to lose weight as the way too many extra pounds on my spine aren’t helping anything either.  The only thing that will now need to change is my choice of exercise. I now intend to take up swimming instead of walking as the preferred exercise as swimming is known to be the best exercise for someone with a herniated disc. I will continue to be off carbs ( atleast the bad ones like flour, rice, sugar etc ) and will up my intake of Vitamin D3 supplements as well as a few other fancy ones that I had started taking a few months back.

I have also decided to work from home more often every week and have ordered a chair with lumbar support, a monitor to connect my laptop to, as well as a table, wireless keyboard and mouse. I will post a picture of my new workstation at home once I have set it up and will hope and pray that having a proper seating arrangement will eventually be beneficial for my back.

For now, I am getting back to bed. More updates and posts about my progress to follow later.