The must-haves !


Things I wanted most in a partner before I got married.

1.) Long, mentally invigorating conversations about the world, politics, philosophy, life and love! There’s nothing I love more than a soul-stirring conversation, listening to someone else’s ideas and sharing my ideas, beliefs and opinions with them. People with 2 minute attention spans are people I would, given a chance, like to stay away from.

2.) The desire to travel. I love exploring places, people and ideas. Seeing new places, how people live, the difference in cultures ( even in the same country ) and visiting places of natural beauty is something I have always been deeply interested in. It makes my soul feel alive in a way I cannot quite explain. The more spontaneous the trip, the more I am likely to love the experience but even if it isn’t spontaneous, the mere idea of going out and spending time in nature is like an elixir to my existence. For me, travelling is not about posting pictures and checking in to places on Facebook/Insta ( I might do some of this as well if the place has blown my mind away but in general, I am not much of a FB/Insta poster ), it is the experience and the opportunity of exploring new places and cultures that matters the most.

2.) Ambition, the desire to learn new things, a constant need to grow in life, someone who is deep enough to listen to one hour ( or longer ) podcasts without getting bored and tuning out within the first 2 minutes because they assume they know everything. The desire to learn, the curiosity to know about how others lead successful lives- what sets them apart from others is something that really fuels me and I would have loved to have a partner with the same shared interest.

3.) Phenomenal physical chemistry with my partner. I have had this in a relationship earlier and it has been very important to me. So important, in fact, that when I broke up with that guy I was hugely concerned if I would ever have sex like that with another person again.

4.) A lot of love and respect for me and my family. I was very clear that I wanted a partner who had deep love and concern for his own family because I was sure that if someone met this criterion, they would be the kind of person who would understand my insane level of affection for my family and would not interfere or try to stop me from spending time with my family or doing things for them when I needed to.

5.) A desire to share the load of household chores and decisions equally.

When I do make this list public, I would like to find out how many of my readers want the same things from their partners. You are welcome to share things that are not on this list as well ! 🙂

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